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Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

Liberty Pest Control uses a heat treatment method to ensure every bug in the affected area will die by heating the room past the point of lethal heat point for bed bugs and sustaining the heat for several hours.

Why is heat treatment the most effective method for killing bed bugs?

  • Bed Bugs die in 20 minutes in 118° heat and they die immediately in 120 ° heat

    • Bed Bug eggs need to be exposed to 118​​​° heat for 90 minutes to die

  • Infestations can often be killed in one day

How does heat treatment work?

  • Liberty Pest Control uses powerful fans to create convection currents in the room being heated.

  • We heat the room to 120° to up-to 150° to ensure we sustain a heat past the bed bug lethal heat point.

  • A heat treatment can take between 8-12 hours to complete

  • Liberty Pest Control uses strategically placed thermometers to monitor the temperature of the room throughout the day from any of our devices.

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