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Bed Bug Prevention Tips

Bed bugs can be hard to kill, they are a parasitic insect that feeds from the host’s blood. Bed bugs don’t want to be too far from their next meal (you and your family) so they tend to be found within 8 feet of your common resting spots. Common places to find bed bugs are in mattresses, box springs, couches, carpets, and baseboards. Modern bedbugs have become highly resistant to insecticides used to kill them, which along with them hiding in tiny cracks and crevices have made bed bugs a difficult insect to kill.


Liberty Pest Control is providing you with some helpful tips so hopefully you can successfully avoid getting bed bugs in the first place.

Everyday Prevention Tips

Liberty Pest Control's tips for everyday bed bug prevention

  • Vacuum your suitcase before putting it away after every vacation or sleep over

  • Check your sheets for blood spots

  • Always thoroughly inspect a piece of second hand furniture before bringing it into your home

  • Inspect areas where pets sleep for blood spots

Traveling Prevention Tips

Bed Bugs are hitchhikers, so one of the most common ways people have their homes infested by bed bugs is they take the bugs home from a trip. Here are some tips from Liberty Pest Control to avoid bringing bed bugs home with you.

  • As soon as you check into your hotel begin inspecting the room for any signs of bed bugs. Start by pulling back the sheet and inspect the mattress and box spring, then look behind the headboard and inspect any chairs or sofas for blood spots.

  • Set your luggage in the bathroom while you inspect your hotel, it is the room they are least likely to be in due to lack of hiding spots for them and distance from the resting spot of their meals (human blood).

  • Bed Bugs can go a year without food so be careful and never assume because a room hasn't been occupied for awhile that it is safe from bed bugs

  • If you see ANY signs of bed bug activity immediately request a new room or cancel your stay. If you are moved to a different room be sure that the room doesn't share any walls or isn't directly above or bellow the infested room.

  • When you return home from your trip be sure to wash all of your clothes including items that were not worn.

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