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In the late 1950’s, our company began as the dream of new parents, Richard and Alice Vinson, each already working at their own respective full-time jobs. In 1959, their entrepreneurial spirit produced Liberty Pest Control, which created an additional part time job for each of them.

Richard was the pest control technician and logistics manager, and Alice was the treasurer and sales department. The hard work of the Richard and Alice team provided many good years for their family, and Liberty Pest Control customers not only trusted their services, they also helped spread the word that a loc al business was a great pest control company.

Richard Vinson passed away in 1982, and (Alice passed away in 2014) but the company continued to support their customers as their son, Richard, returned to Liberty in 1982 to sustain and build the company. Liberty Pest Control thrived under their son's leadership .

After a few years, Richard’s wife Angela began to work with the company as the office manager and now Liberty Pest Control has been fortunate to include the third generation of Vinsons: their son, Ren, is a certified applicator, and their daughter, Macie, works as our office administrator.  

Throughout the generations, our business has been dedicated to excellence and our focus remains on serving each of our customers in southeast Texas. Our motto today is simple: “We are here tomorrow to back up what we say and do today.”  It has been that way since 1959.

Liberty Pest Control is one of the oldest, continuously operating pest control companies in Texas.

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