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Clean Out Treatment

Liberty Pest Control offers a one time service for general pest control. Our in depth clean out service will ensure your home or office is pest free!
What is a clean out for?
A home or business that doesn't have a regular pest control management plan and is experiencing a pest infestation would require a clean out service to eliminate the problem pest.
Are all pest included in a clean out?
Liberty Pest Control's one time general pest control clean out will target spiders, silverfish, cockroaches, and ants. Termites, rodents and mosquitoes require a separate service at an additional change
How to prepare for my clean out service?
It's important for the customer to have the house cleaned up before the technician comes so the clean out can be performed properly. You should have all cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom completely empty and any food or utensils put away. Clean and mop floors before the clean out service so the chemical will last better and be less likely to be cleaned away after the treatment. After the treatment has been applied you can do light cleaning after 3-5 days but any deep cleaning should wait until at least 7-10 days have passed since the treatment. To maintain the pest free state, Liberty Pest control recommends your home or office beginning a quarterly pest control regiment.
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